Severe Weather Awarness Week

Severe Summer Weather
Severe Summer Storm

Severe Summer storms can develop quickly with little warning under certain conditions. These storms can produce lightning, damaging winds, hail, flash flooding, rural fires, power outages, and can cause the release of hazardous materials. They also cause injury and death, as well as extensive damage to property each year.

The National Weather Service (NWS), N.D. Department of Emergency Services (NDDES) and N.D. Emergency Management Association (NDEMA), recommend that the citizens of North Dakota keep informed through various means of alerts. The alerts include outdoor warning sirens, smartphone weather applications, radio and television broadcasts, all-hazards radio and cable-interrupt alerts. These methods may not be available in all areas of the state; however, radio and television outlets broadcast current weather conditions and predictions during storm situations.

Tornado Siren Information

Severe summer storms may produce lightning, tornadoes, straight-line winds, hail, and flash floods. Lightning causes an average of 55-60 fatalities, 400 injuries, and $1 billion in damage each year. Tornadoes can produce wind speeds in excess of 200 mph and cause 60-65 fatalities and 1500 injuries each year. Straight line winds can exceed 125 mph and may cause destruction equivalent to a tornado. Hail can be as large as a softball and causes more than $1 billion in crop and property damage annually. Finally, flash floods are the number one cause of thunderstorm related deaths.

This week is an annual reminder to review your emergency plans, contact lists, and inspect your disaster supply kit

Weather Warning Systems 

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